Unlike other tutoring websites, I have not been selective, edited anything or made anything up! These comments are from my lovely students (past and present) and their equally lovely parents. Thank you all for your testimonials! 🙂

“Julie-Anne has been tutoring my 8 year old girl for over 1 year. My little girl loves going to see Julie-Anne, she loves her patient and calm method of teaching. She always talks about how Julie-Anne helps make learning fun. The results talk for themselves, her scores in numeracy have increased immensely. If you are looking for a tutor in the area, look no further!” (P4 parent)

“Before I went to Julie-Anne I was in the lowest group in my class. I have now moved up a group. Julie-Anne has made my writing, English and Maths better and she teaches me about things that happen in the world. The lessons are really fun and my mum said, “If you’re having fun, you learn more!” (P5 student)  (You and your mum are two smart cookies!)

“Julie-Anne makes things/work easier for me to understand. It’s fun going to her, it’s not like school at all! ”  (P6 student) (It’s fun for me too!)

“Abbie comes out each week full of confidence and eager to do her work. She enjoys going to Julie-Anne as she feels she can explain things to her in a much simpler way than we ever could. Julie-Anne has had a good rapport with Abbie from week one”   (P6 parent)

“When Jamie first went to Julie’s he was getting in the 50’s in his transfer tests, within a few months he was getting in the 80’s! Thank you Julie, we couldn’t have done it without you!” (P7 parent) (A perfect example of what can be done with hard work – well done Jamie!)

“We came across Julie-Anne’s ad on Gumtree. She looked friendly. Her rates were competitive and she was the only tutor who offered a free consultation. Julie-Anne was wonderful, she met with my son and assessed his needs. Within two weeks my son had learnt so much. He looked forward to his lessons in English and grew in confidence. He wouldn’t miss an hour with Julie-Anne. His question to me sums up what he thought of her – “Why does my school not employ teachers like Julie-Anne?”. Thank you Julie-Anne, fingers crossed now for results on Thursday.” (GCSE parent) (With hard work and determination, this student jumped up the grades in a very short space of time, just coming short of an A! Very impressive indeed!)

“When Julie-Anne started tutoring me I was on a D and hated English. English became my favourite subject and I ended up getting a B. Thank you!” (GCSE student) (You’re welcome! I commend you on your hard work!)

This is only a snippet of the positive feedback I have received over the years. If you are or have been a student of mine (or parent), feel free to comment in the box below 🙂